MOVIE IDEA, gleaned from a book on the history of Mexican Art

21 08 2010

I can’t find and example of the illustration, but will.

Here’s how the text reads:

“In the sixteenth century, Mexican friars crossed the Pacific Ocean and tried to bring Christianity to Japan … Japanese warlords crucified the friars.”

The illustrations in he book show a rowboat of friars crossing the pacific, praying.  The next illustration shows a row of the same friars hanging from crosses, with the Japanese warlords stabbing spears into their ribs.

What an amazing, hidden, exploitable piece of multicultural history.  Can you imagine the cultural freak out between 1500’s Mexico and Japan?

(Yes, eventually I WILL deal with the Conquistadors, mofo.)





One response

23 08 2010

That is an amazing little piece of history. JAPAN???? Good find!

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