From D-Listed, the most trusted news source. (It is a hilarious story about religous protesting)

10 08 2010

When Strippers Fight Back :

For the past four years, the pussy shakers at Foxhole strip club in Ohio have come to work each day to find the members of a nearby Christian church protesting their asses and condemning them to hell. That’s considered dirty talk to all of us sluts around here, but the strippers don’t appreciate that shit!

The pastor of New Beginnings Ministries leads the protests which usually involves blow horns (not in a sexy way) and signs with bible verses on them. The protesters also videotape the license plates of the club’s customers to post on the internet. Well, the strippers have had enough of New Beginnings trying to deflate their nipples, so they ventured into the daylight to fight back!

Right before mass this past Sunday, the strippers arrived at New Beginnings in their bikinis to hold a protest of their very own. As churchgoers shuffled in, the strippers of the Foxhole greeted them with their titties, a smile and a few messages of their very own.

The strippers and the churchgoers should come together over a lap dance followed by a bottle of church wine. Why fight when they can join forces for the greater cause? I mean, if such a thing as a strip club/church existed, I’d probably go to mass every damn night! Correction: If such a thing as a strip club/church/In-N-Out existed, I’d definitely go to mass every damn night!

Below is a clip of the strippers talking about their cause. Shelley Duvall can make her big comeback when she plays Lola Lorain in the Lifetime movie version of this.




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