You forgot to cast Les, Barretts right hand man (Chubby Jesus):

6 08 2010

My first  2 choices, but neither of them would take a bit part anymore: (kidding about Zach, but I did see him in a drama. It was a decent indie and he played an enraged homeless guy who viciously attacked the main character. He was really convincing, and SCARY.

Mmmm....FAT JESUS!

I'm sorry? How much is "Offering's" budget?

This has nothing to do with the post, thought it was hilarious:


 With GREAT power, comes GREAT responsibility….

Let’s go with:

John Lynch from Fargo.

 Ok, Ok….Back to the Script!




One response

6 08 2010

dBate: Of that entire group, John Lynch has to be my favorite. You almost always see him as some kind of gentle bear, but you KNOW he has some reserves of crazy. That would be FUN to watch. (Zach is growing on me a bit, but I don’t see how he gets so much work. He’s just kinda “Meh”…)

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